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Some Cows Can Now Make Skim Milk

In a move that experts say will “completely revolutionize the dairy industry,” entire herds of dairy cows may soon be producing only skimmed milk. The cows have genes that give them this ability naturally, and scientists plan to breed them to produce commercial herds.

Also in the works is a breed of cow that will produce milk with the special characteristics necessary to make “spreadable butter” (straight from the fridge).Researchers have already identified a cow with the genes required to do this, and a commercial herd could exist as soon as 2011.

A similar selective breeding approach could be used to create cow herds that produce milk with only unsaturated fats.

Science Blog May 28, 2007 

Dr. Mercola's Comment:

While the milk from these "skim cows" would be perfect for carb nutritional types who thrive on low-fat diets, they would be terrible for protein types, who would do best eating the higher-fat cream. It's important to remember that fats are not always the enemy, and that you actually need a certain amount of healthy fat in your diet to survive and thrive.

Of course, in my opinion the only way that anyone should be drinking milk at all is if it's
raw, and these new commercial breeds will almost assuredly be producing milk that will be pasteurized.

Once you heat milk to pasteurize it there is serious damage that is done to the fragile milk proteins -- damage that actually causes milk to function as a potent allergen. That is one of the main reasons why milk is the most common allergy. Additionally, the pasteurization process virtually eliminates the good bacteria normally present in the milk and radically reduces the micronutrient and vitamin content of this healthy food.

As always, your best bet for finding
truly healthy milk is to locate a dairy farmer who produces raw milk near you. And remember, it's not necessary to waste your money on pasteurized organic milk either -- it's still inferior to the raw variety, in taste and in value to your health.

If you live in California or many places in Europe, Central or South America this will not be a problem. But if you live in the US you will likely struggle to find this health food.  You could try the web site http://realmilk.com/

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