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How to Work Less, Achieve More and Be Successful

I have been a major fan of David Allen's Getting Things Done, and credit his work for helping me achieve so many of my goals. It is one of the finest systems in the world for helping you get organized and clearing your mind.

However, it's not very effective at limiting the amount of inputs into your life. Even though I had progressed to a black belt in Getting Things Done,

I was still working over 100 hours a week. The problem with GTD is that it doesn't scale very well when you get successful and doesn't help you delegate and outsource your projects.

One of the BEST resources I have seen for that is Tim Ferriss' new book, The Four Hour Work Week.

I know it sounds like an outrageous title, but I have read the book and it is clearly not boastful. Most people who follow the system are still actively engaged in activities -- just not "typical work." They are doing their passion and learning to manage others efficiently to implement many of the projects in their life.

I realize that this is not a specific book about health, but from a personal perspective, living a balanced life is crucial to being healthy and this book has made a MAJOR impact in my own life on how to do just that.

Additionally, Tim is a very gifted human. He is fluent in half a dozen languages, the first American to hold the Guinness World Record in tango, advisor to 20 world record holders in professional and Olympic sports, and a national kickboxing champion in China.

If you are seeking to work less, then this is the book to get!


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