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Warning: Toothpaste From China Recalled

The FDA is urging you to check your toothpaste and, as a precautionary measure, throw it away if it’s labeled made in China. Many samples found to contain the toxic chemical diethylene glycol (DEG) do not indicate the substance on its label of ingredients.

DEG is used in antifreeze and as a solvent, and is also known as diglycol or diglycol stearate. It’s a thickening agent that has been known to be used as a cheap—but often deadly—substitute for glycerin.

Children and people with kidney or liver disease should be particularly careful with this toxin. Fifty-one people in Panama are thought to have died as a result of taking cold medicine laced with DEG.

The FDA has identified a variety of toothpaste brands that contain DEG, including:

    Ø Cooldent (Fluoride, Spearmint and ICE)
Ø Everfresh 
Ø Clean Rite
Ø Oral Bright
Ø DentaKleen

Most of the tainted toothpastes have been found in bargain retail stores. For the complete list of recalled brands, check their News Release below.

Regular toothpaste also carries inherent risks, such as overexposure to fluoride (known as dental fluorosis), which can lead to a variety of ailments including leg pains and constant headaches.

I recommend using only natural non-fluoride toothpaste, which is commonly available at virtually every health food store these days.

FDA News Release June 1, 2007

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