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Drug Cartel Brainwashing at Its Finest

It appears some people are so brainwashed into thinking pharmaceutical drugs are the answer, they’re willing to commit heinous acts to push potentially deadly new drugs onto the market, against the advice of medical experts.

Dr. Howard Scher and Dr. Maha Hussain—both prominent prostate cancer experts and practicing medical doctors—oppose the new prostate cancer drug Provenge, and have voiced their warnings to the FDA’s approval committee. They believe there is insufficient evidence of the drug’s safety and effectiveness.

The FDA’s advisory panel has so far endorsed the effectiveness of the drug by a 13-4 vote, and a 17-0 vote for its general safety, even though there are signs it could increase the risk of stroke.

Patients with incurable diseases are often passionate about finding a cure and may advocate for the approval of experimental drugs even when the data is lacking. But death threats to the experts who are actually championing for the safety of these drugs prior to release, brings such ignorant fanaticism to a whole new level.

These are the people whose minds need to be reached. These expensive cancer treatments do in no way, shape, or form treat the cause of their cancer.

Complete lifestyle changes that include eating the proper diet based on your nutritional type, balanced with exercise can open up the doors to the brand new, extended life they are looking for and deserve.

New York Times June 4, 2007