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FDA May Approve Obesity Drug Linked to Suicidal Behavior

A new weight loss drug, Acomplia, may prompt suicidal behavior and other psychological side effects among users, but the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is considering approving it anyway.

Acomplia, manufactured by drugmaker Sanofi-Aventis, appears to promote significant weight loss after two years of daily use, however, about 26 percent of users reported psychiatric events such as depression, anxiety and insomnia (compared to just 14 percent of patients taking a placebo).

Meanwhile, during studies of Acomplia, one person committed suicide and eight others had suicidal thoughts. Headaches and dizziness were other reported side effects.

If approved, the potential “blockbuster” drug would be marketed as “Zimulti” to millions of obese and overweight Americans, who, upon taking the drug, would be trading one health concern for another.

Weight loss is clearly a multi-faceted issue, touching on elements of both mind and body. A pill, however, is definitely not the answer, nor is a dangerous surgery. I’ve compiled many pages of useful tools that you can use to reach your ideal weight, while addressing all of the true underlying causes.

The Houston Chronicle June 11, 2007