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What Can You Learn From a Society With No Words For "Want" and "Worry"?

The Moken are a group of nomadic islanders who live off the coast of Thailand and Burma. What makes them special, other than their adherence to their traditional culture while the world around them changes, is that their language is lacking, or, perhaps, free, of key words that Americans use daily:
  • Want
  • Worry
  • When
  • Take
Imagine just going through one day in your life without worrying, wanting, taking or wondering “when” (now imagine a lifetime without it). Sounds like just the reprieve that so many of us here in America need.

Sure, the Moken have their own set of problems (the Burmese are turning some of their islands into military bases, for instance) but the real inspiration comes from finding that place in yourself where you are no longer yearning and wishing for something else to happen. Instead, you are happy with the here and now.

Happy, optimistic people not only live longer, but they have a better time doing it. Try giving up wanting, worrying and taking for today, and decide for yourself to be truly happy instead.

GrowFromWithin.com June 11, 2007