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13 Million Die Annually Due to Environment

Based on data from national health authorities, millions of lives across the globe could be saved annually if we were to find solutions to the problems of air pollution, contaminated drinking water and other environmental issues, says the World Health Organization.

According to their estimates, more than 10 percent of deaths in 23 countries, can be traced to two factors: tainted drinking water and indoor air pollution (caused by the burning of solid fuels like wood, cow dung and coal).

They also point out that developed countries are not immune to environmental health hazards.

Just take our Western drinking water, for example. Studies are now finding both mercury and pharmaceutical drugs in the water supply, in addition to the fact that most states still add dangerous fluoride and a host of other chemicals.

Do not underestimate the impact your environment has on your health. Everything from what you breathe to what you put into, and onto, your body makes a difference. Detoxing and cleansing your body of toxins periodically can help. You can find my recommendations for detoxing safely and effectively in this Q&A: What Do You Recommend For Detox?

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