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How Can We Change the Face of Medicine?

where would we begin and what would happen if?………

What’s first needed is simply a “mass refusal” of MDs to accept drugs pushed by Big Pharma as medicine; a sort of organized “Walk Out” or more like a “Mutiny” but only on the drug suppliers (Since they are truly the “Captain” or “the ones running things”) We don’t need just another doctor’s strike!

We would still need such things as anesthesia and morphine of course but these few brave MDs would just need to simply refuse to use most prescription medicine in their practice! (Primarily anything supposedly for our “health maintenance”) and replace that with all the wonderfully safe and proven Herbal Medicine and whole natural supplements we have at hand. I can name MDs I know that are chomping at the bit to do this!

Please note I said whole supplements! If we use isolated supplements we leave the door wide open for “Big Pharma” to take over once again with out most people even noticing! (I believe they have already taken the edge of control of isolated “health” supplements)

We must be careful! They are much the same as rats and cockroaches, they will regroup and even mutate somewhat if they have too! We must be sure they are totally exposed to the world for what they do and are eliminated. (With the possible exception of anesthesia and other drugs necessary for traumatic injuries and true necessary surgeries)

Applying peer pressure!

The real test to “Are you a real doctor or just another pill pushing quack?” would simply be, “Could they find a way to still go on with their practice?”

Psychologically we are in a very good position to pull this of masterfully! Let’s use this leverage all we can!

Would the doctors that did this lose there license to practice?

Not at all! These “Natural Convert Doctors” would flat win in court due to how the “caring doctor” has stood up for the natural health of his patients. Also this fact is undeniable: “Any doctor can testify under oath that they have seen way too many people dead from these drugs”. Public opinion would be with the doctors with out a doubt! It just needs to be brought out boldly with out fear of any of the phony “Powers That Be” This is only an illusion.

Is this actually possible or am I dreaming?

I realize that at first there this would only be about 5-10% of doctors at best who would be willing to do an organized refusal but do you know what this would do to the drug companies? However, Many other doctors would follow after the first wave. It would catch like wild fire!

This can be done easily if orchestrated correctly. Who are the key people that could start this? You are! We are! It would only take a few to start this revolutionary war on Big Pharma! We are after all Americans! We are born leaders! I know this needs to be done in many other countries as well but in that “Grand Old Spirit of ‘76”, let’s be the ones that start this revolution! (Don’t we always start stuff anyway?) We used to be the shining example to the world! Let’s prove we still are! You M D leaders out there could to do a wonderful thing for all mankind and you would be true heroes!

What are our downfalls and weak points?

I think one of the biggest obstacles is in much of “Alternative Medicine” itself.

We have to quit making it sound so “mysterious” It is not “alternative” but it is the cutting edge! We can not accept less!

Let’s quit calling it “Alternative” That is something the enemy put on us!

As an example, I am a TCM Herbal Practitioner. Why TCM? This 3000 year old yet strongly advancing system has had so much logical plant based success with out anything “Wacko” attached! (I know some have a problem with “Chi” but if you accept acupuncture you except chi! And if you have ever benefited from a TCM herbal formula you have just proved it!)

This I like, and people don’t have a built in excuse to ridicule it because it is not just some ancient “way out there” practice. TCM is still aggressively advancing! It is Cutting Edge! (There are, of course, many other types of cutting edge practices out there, I am fascinated by nutrition! I wish I had more time to study it.)

So what is our general natural plan for health?

There are four basic logical elements of applying better health the way I see it. (I may have missed some) They are:

#1: Whole Plant Based Herbal Medicine as an absolute replacement for drugs

#2: Acupuncture / Pressure and Physical Manipulation (massage, Chiropractics, est.)

#3: Whole Food Nutrition (As our main source of vitamins and minerals)

#4: Healthy Exercise (in many forms) for every organ system in our bodies.

But guess what! I am only a tiny drop in the ocean of natural health practitioners out there! When we have heavy hitters like Dr. Mercola out there and thousands of MDs that only need “that little excuse” to start this revolutionary war on drugs, I say it is more than possible! It is only waiting for the “first shot”! It’s a shot from a very big “cannon” and the cannon has to be primed well! Let’s quit talking about it and lock and load!

Thank you all so much!