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Eight Ways to Get Out of Your Own Way

Setting, and reaching your goals is a key to happiness in life, yet there is one culprit that often stands in the way of progress: yourself.

You, in fact, may be the only thing blocking yourself from achieving the fulfilling, satisfying life you deserve.

You've heard the saying before: "We're all our own worst critics." It's this negative energy that can often bring you down and away from well-being. This compelling LifeHack article has got some simple, practical ways for you to finally reach your dreams ... by getting out of your own way:

1. Make time for what's most important to you.

2. Focus on your strengths, and they will grow.

3. Don't worry about how you feel (in fact, don't even pay attention to how you feel).

4. Realize that things tend to improve in gradual increments, not sudden breakthroughs.

5. Don't wait until you feel happy to get things done. Getting things done will make you feel good.

6. Rather than worrying about what needs to be done, spend your time doing things that need to be done.

7. Be open to changing your ideas.

8. Instead of getting stressed if things don't go your way, accept what happened and move forward.

LifeHack.com June 18, 2007

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