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Do Low-Carb Diets Cause Cancer?

According to a study by Aberdeen's Rowett Research Institute, low-carb diets may increase the risk of bowel cancer.

They state there appears to be a link between eating less
carbohydrates and reducing a cancer-fighting bacteria.

They found that low-carb regimes could cause a four-fold reduction in this healthy bacteria, and warn against maintaining a
low-carb diet over time.

What this report fails to address is the
difference between carbs. They state there's no long term benefit from cutting down on fruits, or fibre, such as breads. Contrary to these findings, most people DO benefit from cutting out grain-carbs, whereas many actually need a high-carb diet--mainly in the form of vegetables.

In reality, the one-size-fits-all just doesn't work. You need to determine whether your body burns carbohydrates effectively or not, and following the diet that works for
your nutritional type. If you're a protein type, staying on a low-carb diet is far less likely to cause you ill health than keeping up on your bread consumption out of fear of developing bowel cancer.

Applied Environmental Microbiology 73, 1073-1078 February 2007

BBC News June 18, 2007