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Is Obesity Really In Your Future?

There's startling new evidence the obesity epidemic could overwhelm our dangerous flawed health care system, perhaps much sooner that you think...

A study of 4,000 white patients (ages 30-59) followed over three decades found 90 percent of men and 70 percent of women will become overweight over the long haul. More than a third of all men and women eventually became obese by the end of the study too.

Moreover, patients who made it to middle age without gaining weight weren't out of the woods either. Half of the study participants who made it most of the way without a weight problem still became overweight, and about 30 percent of them eventually succumbed to obesity.

These awful numbers certainly explain why more than two decades has been erased from the average American lifespan, a frightening statistic if there ever was one...

Thankfully, you have plenty of free tools on my Web site to begin the process of optimizing your health safely, and without the need for drugs or surgery.

One reminder: When you're trying to decide where to begin, remember exercise and nutrition go hand-in-hand to optimize your health. Focusing on one and ignoring the other does your body no good.

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New York Times October 4, 2005 Registration Required

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