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No Surprise Flu Vaccines Don't Work

Great timing, as vaccine manufacturers ready their supplies for the upcoming flu season, that two new studies have determined how ineffective flu shots really are.

One study, that analyzed patient data across almost four decades, found vaccines had a modest ability at best to prevent the flu or help the elderly. The second study compiled by the CDC determined flu viruses -- especially those related to the bird flu strain -- had developed high resistance rates to the only antiviral drugs available (meds that treat the flu after a patient succumbs to it).

A quote from one of the researchers involved with the studies pretty much says it all: What you see is that marketing rules the response to influenza, and scientific evidence comes fourth or fifth. Vaccines may have a role, but they appear to have a modest effect.

This researcher's best advice for avoiding the flu is something I've told you about for a long time: Wash your hands regularly.

A key factor to preventing the flu is to start focusing on eating properly and avoiding fast foods, grains, sugars and trans-fats.

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