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Expert Issues Insane Vaccine Recommendations

An investigation is under way after a newborn baby was given 10 times the normal dose of a tuberculosis vaccine at Scunthorpe General Hospital.  The boy was injected with 0.5 mg of the BCG vaccine instead of the usual 0.05 mg dose.


The four-week-old boy is in a stable condition at Sheffield Children's Hospital where doctors are working in conjunction with the National Poisons Information Service.


Bear in mind that vaccine industry shill Dr. Paul Offit said not long ago that a baby's immune system could handle as many as 10,000 vaccines. Then he upped the ante, saying it was probably "closer to 100,000."  That’s more than 3,500 times the amount of vaccine the CDC schedule claims a baby should have -- but here’s a case of a child being hospitalized for getting TEN times the amount of ONE vaccine.


I'd like to see Offit stand behind his word and take 100,000 vaccines himself before endangering the public with such sloppy and unsupported comments.

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