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Managing Your Child's Asthma with Natural Medicine

Natural medicine can significantly strengthen immune function, preventing asthma attacks and even curing the underlying cause of symptoms.

Oriental medicine and Chinese herbs have the ability to directly strengthen immune function. The disadvantage of herbs is their bad taste, and the most effective strategy for children is to mix liquid extracts of herbs with juice to improve their taste.

A licensed acupuncturist experienced in the treatment of children can assess an individual child's needs and prescribe an herbal formula to relieve congestion and build immune function.

Massaging specific points on a child's body during asthmatic episodes helps to relieve cough, induce relaxation, and decrease wheezing. The techniques fall into two categories: pressing on acupuncture points and massage of acupuncture channels. Both are simple, straightforward, and require no training.

Lung 1 opens blocked energy in the lungs; located on either side of the chest in the soft space just under the lateral head of the clavicle (collarbone).  Ding chuan is a specific point to relieve asthma; located on the back, just below and lateral to the most prominent vertebra at the base of the neck (at T7).
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