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New Reality TV Show Shows People Will Kill Others When Told To

Zone Xtrême is a reality TV show in which the contestants, when they get answers wrong, are hit with an electric shock. The shocks get more and more powerful as the contestants scream with pain until, on occasion, they appear to have died. But there's a twist: in fact, Zone Xtrême is a set-up, and it's the people administering the shocks that are being tested -- the "contestants" are actors, the audience is fake, and the entire series isn't reality TV but a documentary.


It is, in essence, a repeat of the famous experiments by Yale psychologist Stanley Milgram, who, in the wake of horrifying revelations about Nazi Germany, was studying people's obedience to authority. French commentators see in the documentary (called Le Jeu de la Mort, or "the game of death") a terrible revelation about the effect of reality TV on society -- has reality TV come to the point where it can convince people to kill?

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