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6 More Reasons Waistlines are Expanding

Personally, I am firmly convinced that the primary cause of obesity in the US is the massive increase in fructose we have had over the last thirty years. However, these six factors listed by Live Science, are also contributing factors.

1. Better Hygiene

In experiments done on mice, researchers have found that certain intestinal bacteria can help a body suck more calories out of the same amount of food and even increase a person's appetite. Scientists have suggested that these bacteria gained prominence as competing bacteria were wiped out with antibiotics.

2. Your Mother

New research has shown that an unborn child may receive "epigenetic" messages in the womb about how to regulate his or her weight. Epigenetics is the idea that even if genes themselves aren't altered, how they function can change.  


3. Your Friends

People judge their own weight based on that of others. Research has shown that if your friends are fat, you are more likely to become fat yourself.

4. Cars, Chairs and Sofas

People don't move their bodies nearly as much as their hunter-gatherer ancestors, a fact that has likely contributed to collective weight gain. Exercise is great for maintaining weight and regulating appetite.

5. The Food Fun House

Highly palatable foods, such as those available from fast food chains, are "layered and loaded with fat, sugar and salt," all of which, instead of satiating us, actually prompt us to continue eating.


6. The National Eating Disorder

While genes and environment are responsible for two-thirds of the differences in people's BMIs, the remaining third is psychological. Not only can a jam-packed lifestyles drive people to self-medicate with food, stress and lack of sleep may take an unfriendly toll on metabolism.

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