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9 Ways to Handle Interruptions Like a Pro

Are you easily distracted? Here’s what you can do about it:

1. Embrace Your Fear

Everyone gets distracted. If you allow trepidation to sneak into your mind at the prospect of distractions, you’ll cripple your productive abilities.

2. Plan For Interruptions

Effective planning is a cornerstone of the productive lifestyle. Start each work session by drawing a few squares on a small piece of scrap paper. These represent distractions that will almost certainly pop up. As you encounter and conquer distractions, put a check mark in the appropriate box. After awhile you’ll be able to do this in your head.

3. Delegate And Postpone

Once you’ve identified an interruption as something that needs attention, try to postpone your involvement. Delegate as much of the detail work as possible to somebody with available resources.

4. Attack Procrastination

The simplest way to attack procrastination is to synthesize urgency with truncated deadlines. If it normally takes you 3 hours to do something, hit the bathroom, grab a glass of water, set a timer for 90 minutes, and tear into your work!

5. Split Your Day Into Targets

Distractions are most dangerous to the person working without short-term goals. You can keep yourself out of the danger zone by setting targets throughout your day.

6. Limit Inputs

The more you limit channels people can use to distract you, the less likely it is that you’ll be distracted. Your results will be proof that it was worth the effort.

7. Batch Outputs

Responding to emails in batches and scheduling a block of time to make phone calls can seem like a dreary way to do business but it’s a highly effective way to keep distractions at arms length.

8. Communicate Your Schedule To Others

When it comes to managing people-based distractions, communication is key.

9. Begin With The Main Point

When you encounter a distraction, get to the heart of it immediately. Once you know the main point you can ask for supporting information and make a smart decision about what to do before getting back to work.

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