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Osteoporosis Drug Found to CAUSE Leg Fractures

The case reports first surfaced about two years ago -- orthopedists reported that women taking osteoporosis drugs called bisphosphonates to prevent broken bones were showing up with rare and serious fractures of their thighbones.

The bone was snapping like a twig, sometimes splintering. Often there was no trauma, such as a serious fall, to bring it on.  And some of the women were younger, in their 50s, with pre-osteoporosis but without the extremely fragile bones of people with the full-blown condition.

The fractures occur in the long bone of the thigh, before it makes a turn into the pelvis. And they are unusual because most fractures of the thighbone occur in the part that fits into the hip socket. They also are hard to heal, because the long thighbone does not have much of a blood supply.

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