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5 Ways to Become an Optimist

Reframe "disasters." In tough economic times, many people are worried that they will lose their jobs.  While you shouldn't deny that your current position might not last forever, there will probably be other professional opportunities that, after a period of adjustment, could potentially be as challenging and satisfying.

Take control. Pessimists tend to think bad things happen to them because they simply have bad luck or because they don't have what it takes to be successful. Aim for a balance between accepting responsibility for some of the bad circumstances and taking action.

Pay attention to what makes you feel optimistic. Try to really tune in to what you're thinking and feeling in the moment. If you're feeling good, try to understand what brought you there and how to get there again.

Strive for real conversations. While making small talk is good for fostering social connections, having substantive interactions actually gives people a greater sense of well being.

Do look at that glass as half full. Cultivating optimism is about breaking old thought patterns and establishing new ones. If you're truly looking at a glass that's filled to the halfway mark, why not see it as half full?

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