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Will Whole Foods Move Back to its Organic Roots?

In a campaign called "Let's Retake Our Plates!", Whole Foods rails against the way food scientists have created fake food and turned generations of innocent Americans into "walking food science experiments."

The campaign is clearly a response to criticism the chain has taken for become what critics contend is a corporate sellout.  The new campaign highlights Whole Foods' long-standing rigorous policies, such as barring from the store any artificial ingredients, antibiotics and hormones in meat and unsustainable seafood.

But what the extensive web site and the call-to-arms campaign neglect to mention is that some of those very "walking food science experiments" appear on shelves at Whole Foods. Last summer, CEO John Mackey admitted that the company he helped create now sells "a bunch of junk."

And by "junk" perhaps he means some of the stuff Whole Foods sells directly to its customers under its 365 label -- such 365 Cosmic Coco's, 365 Cheese Puffs and cans of 365 Cola. As Whole Foods pushes towards healthy eating and food reform, the real question is whether it also quietly yanks any of these products from the shelves.

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