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Eating Eggs for Breakfast Helps Reduce Calorie Consumption Throughout the Day

A new study demonstrates that eating protein-rich eggs for breakfast reduces hunger and decreases calorie consumption at lunch and throughout the day. The study found that men who consumed an egg-based breakfast ate significantly fewer calories when offered an unlimited lunch buffet compared to when they ate a carbohydrate-rich bagel breakfast of equal calories.

This study supports previous research which revealed that eating eggs for breakfast as part of a reduced-calorie diet helped overweight dieters lose 65 percent more weight and feel more energetic than dieters who ate a bagel breakfast of equal calories and volume.

Twenty-one men participated in this study, and each ate two different test breakfasts. On one test day the participants ate an egg-based, protein-rich. On another test day they ate a bagel-based, carbohydrate-rich breakfast. The two breakfasts contained identical calories, but when the men ate the egg-based breakfast the researchers observed that:

  • The men ate roughly 112 fewer calories at a buffet lunch three hours following the egg breakfast
  • They consumed approximately 400 fewer calories in the 24-hour period following the egg breakfast
  • Blood tests showed that ghrelin, the hormone that stimulates hunger when elevated, was significantly higher after the bagel breakfast
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