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Simple Way to Improve the Environment and Radically Reduce Dangerous Plastic Bag Use

In January, Washington DC put into effect a 5 cent tax on plastic bags. The results have been stunning -- the number of plastic bags given by businesses to customers dropped from 22.5 million per month in 2009 to a mere 3 million per month, almost as soon as the tax went into effect.

The tax has also generated $150,000 in revenue, which is slated to be used to reduce pollution in the Anacostia River.

The tax is one of the first of its kind in the U.S.  It is intended to both change consumer behavior and reduce pollution. Any and all businesses that sells food items in the DC area, including bakeries, delicatessens, grocery stores, drugstores, convenience stores, and department stores, are required to charge the tax on paper and plastic bags.

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