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Is Marriage Good for Your Health

Quite a number of studies have shown that married people are less likely to get pneumonia, have surgery, develop cancer or have heart attacks. It is also associated with a lower risk for dementia, and the unmarried are at far higher risk of death from every cause than the married.

But according to the New York Times:

“... new research is increasingly presenting a more nuanced view of the so-called marriage advantage. Several new studies, for instance, show that the marriage advantage doesn’t extend to those in troubled relationships, which can leave a person far less healthy than if he or she had never married at all.”

In fact, a stressful marriage may actually be as bad for your heart as a smoking habit. A major study recently found that single people who have never married actually have significantly better health than those who have gotten married but then divorced.

In short, while a happy marriage can come with many health benefits, the mere fact of being married isn’t enough to protect your health in and of itself.

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