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Which Veggie Burgers Were Made With a Neurotoxin?

The Cornucopia Institute reports that most non-organic veggie burgers currently on the market are made with the chemical hexane -- a neurotoxin.

Makers of many soy-based burgers submerge they soybeans in hexane to separate the oil from the protein and reduce the amount of fat in the product. If a non-organic burger contains soy protein isolate, soy protein concentrate, or texturized vegetable protein, it was likely made using hexane.

Veggie burgers made with hexane include:

  • Amy's Kitchen
  • Boca Burger, conventional
  • Franklin Farms
  • Garden Burger
  • It’s All Good Lightlife
  • Morningstar Farms
  • President’s Choice
  • Taste Above
  • Trader Joe's
  • Yves Veggie Cuisine

Alternet notes that:

“ Products labeled ‘organic’ aren't allowed to contain any hexane-derived ingredients, but that rule doesn't apply to foods that are labeled ‘made with organic ingredients.’”

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