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5 Types of Emails You Should be Automatically Filtering

You can reduce the number of emails in your inbox instantly, and keep it that way, by using filters. Filters can be told to check each email for a specific set of criteria, and then a specific action to do with it.

Here are five types of emails you should always filter:

Email Newsletters

The first thing you should do after confirming a subscription is filter these into a “ToRead” bucket.

Friends Forwarding Articles

If you filter based on sender and websites in the body of the email, it helps separate junk from real conversations.

Comment and Ping Notifications on a Blog

Filter these into a folder you can review each night.

Facebook/Twitter/Social Media Notifications

Filter all of these and check them at your convenience.

Store Promotions

Filter these into a “Review Optional” folder -- browse them at leisure if you have the time.

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