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Simple Way to Radically Reduce Birth Defects

The more obese a woman is when she becomes pregnant, the higher the chances that her baby will suffer from a congenital heart defect. And 1 in 5 women in the U.S. are obese at the start of pregnancy.

The researchers looked at data from over 1.5 million births during an 11-year period. A moderately obese woman was 11 percent more likely to have a child with a heart defect, and a morbidly obese woman raised her risk by 33 percent.

The National Institutes of Health reports:

“Because the study examined the records of infants after birth, it couldn't address whether obese women who lose weight before they conceive can reduce their babies' risks of heart defects. However ... the findings suggest that attaining a healthy weight before conception would reduce the risk ...”

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