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94 Percent Of Breastfeeding Mothers Do Not Follow a Proper Diet

A Spanish study found that 94 percent of nursing mothers did not follow a proper diet. They did not consume recommended diary intake of fat, vitamins A, E and iron, and their intake of proteins was too high.

Researchers collected 100 milk samples from 34 breastfeeding mothers. The women were given a questionnaire on their dietary intake for a period corresponding to the 3 days before the sample taking.

According to Eurekalert:

“ 94 percent of mothers were found to consume a hypocaloric diet, mainly due to low consumption of fats. Conversely, 94 percent followed a diet rich in proteins, and their intake of proteins exceeded DRI ... 88 percent of them did not meet DRI of Vitamin A, and 99 percent presented deficient Vitamin E intakes.”

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