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11 Reasons to be Cheerful

Lifehack suggests the following way to count your blessings:

  1. Life.  Give yourself one point for being alive.
  2. Health.  If you are healthy, add another point.
  3. Relationship. If you are in a stable relationship, add a point (if you can honestly say that you love them and they love you then give yourself a bonus point.)
  4. Family. If you have children, siblings, or parents alive then add another point.
  5. Work.  Give yourself a point if you have a job or are a full-time student.
  6. Value. If you are doing something that makes life better for other people then give yourself a point. 
  7. Achievement. If you can you point to something you have done that people would admire then give yourself another point.
  8. Future. If you have something good coming up then think about it, smile and add another point.
  9. Plans. If you have a plan for going forward with your life then add a point.
  10. Financial security. Are you financially secure?  Add a point.
  11. Friendship. Do you have one or more good friends?  If so give yourself a final point.

Add up your score.  Then take a moment to express thanks for your success and good fortune.

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