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Burger and Fries Worsen Asthma

A burger and fries may exacerbate asthma, according to a new study. Patients with asthma who ate those foods had increased inflammation in their airways soon afterward, and did not respond as well to treatment.

The results provide more evidence that environmental factors, such as diet, can influence the development of asthma. Asthma has increased dramatically in recent years in westernized countries. Between 1980 and 1994, the prevalence of asthma in the U.S. increased 75 percent.

According to Live Science:

“[Researchers] had 40 asthmatic patients eat either ... burgers and hash browns, or ... yogurt ... Analysis of sputum samples revealed that those who had eaten the burger meal had an increased number of immune cells called neutrophils in their airways. Neutrophils play a role in triggering inflammation.”

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