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What Children Can Teach Their Parents

Every parent has heard their child begging for their favorite story, song or movie for the 100th time. They are actually teaching you a huge lesson about how they want and need to be parented.

They ask so many times because they have an innate interest in ‘mastery’. Children set out to ‘master’ the things that interest them the most.

Children also test their parents because they are trying to figure out how their world works.  They consciously and unconsciously investigate their world and it’s limits so that they are able to ‘master’ it.

According to Lifehack:

“The best thing parents can do is to learn a simple methodology for discipline, get trained to use it and then apply it consistently.  This will decrease the number of times their child needs to test and will diminish the intensity of the testing ... When limits are unclear or inconsistent, children often steer off course and get into trouble, thus making mastery of acceptable behavior very difficult and unsettling.”

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