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4 Ways to Spend Time with Your Kids When You Have No Time

1. One-on-one time

Alone time with your child is best when you are doing something you both enjoy. Pick dates and mark them down on a calendar -- it shows your children you make this time a priority.

2. Integrate Together Time into Your Daily Schedule

Children love to help. Let them. It might be messier and more time-consuming in the beginning, but you will see that the children will become your greatest helpers.

3. Phantom Time

Even if you have no free time at all, you can still let your children know that you care. For example, write notes and drop them into their lunch boxes. Be creative.

4. Break time

Create a break time so that you and your children can spend 15 minutes or a half hour together. Set a timer if you need to so that everyone knows when it starts and ends.

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