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Snack Attacks are Spreading

New research shows that restaurants are attempting to take advantage of America's snack-happy culture. Menu items deemed "snack," "snackable" or "snacker" have increased by 170 percent since 2007.

Several fast-food chains are trying to boost sales with smaller items, such as McDonald's Snack Wrap line. KFC has a "Snacker".  Casual and fine-dining restaurants are offering up smaller items as well.

CNN Reports:

“The Cheesecake Factory ... features 16 dishes intended to be a ‘pre-appetizer’ or snack ... At the Bar Room in the Modern, a restaurant in New York's Museum of Modern Art, all the offerings are appetizer or half-entrée size.”

The average adult in the mid-1970s consumed approximately 200 daily calories from snacks. In the mid-1990s, that jumped to 360 calories, and today, it's more than 470 calories.

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