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8 Reasons Why Children Misbehave

1) They want to test whether caregivers will enforce rules

You should set boundaries and limits for your children and consistently follow through on them.

2) They experience different sets of expectations between school and home

Learn a simple method to discipline and then have a conversation with your child’s teacher.

3) They do not understand the rules, or are held to expectations that are beyond their developmental levels

Reading books about what children can do at each age lets parents know what is developmentally appropriate for them to expect of their child.

4) They want to assert themselves and their independence

Give choices in their daily life so that they feel in control at least some of the time.

5) They feel ill, bored, hungry or sleepy

Develop a routine to make sure your child eats, has individual play time, parent and child play or interaction time and sleeps.

6) They lack accurate information and prior experience

Use clear, concise language stating what they “need” to be doing rather than what they “shouldn’t” be doing.

7) They have been previously “rewarded” for their misbehavior with adult attention

Say what you expect without emotion and then follow through consistently if they continue the negative behavior.

8) They copy the actions of their parents

Remember, what children see and experience at home determines their view of what normal is.

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