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Massive Conflict of Interest Exposed in WHO Vaccine Pandemic that STILL is in Effect

Scientists who were responsible for World Health Organization (WHO) advice on stockpiling of pandemic flu drugs had financial ties with companies which stood to profit, according to an investigation. WHO made no mention of the links.

A spokesman for WHO said the drug industry did not influence its decisions on swine flu.

However, in case there was any doubt about it, the emergency committee that advises WHO has announced today that swine flu is still a pandemic -- even as medical authorities are saying that the virus is past its peak.

BBC News reports:

“Guidelines recommending governments stockpile antiviral drugs were issued by WHO in 2004. The advice prompted many countries around the world into buying up large stocks of Tamiflu, made by Roche, and Relenza manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline. A year after the swine flu pandemic was declared, stocks are left unused in warehouses and governments are attempting to unpick contracts.”