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10 Tips to Create a High Performance Environment

  1. Clean -- Dust, dirt and grime are sources of negative energy.
  2. Organized -- When you’re organized you can find what you want when you want it.
  3. Uncluttered -- Clutter distracts, irritates, and attracts more clutter.
  4. Walls painted a color, not white -- White walls make you more prone to anxiety and depression.
  5. Good natural lighting -- Light is energy.
  6. Full spectrum lights -- You need full spectrum lighting to thrive.
  7. Attractive, comfortable furniture -- Always choose comfortable furniture whose appearance you love.
  8. Healthy live plants or clean silk plants -- Plants bring the outdoors inside.
  9. Interesting, colorful art -- Art can lift your spirits and your energy.
  10. Mementos -- Mementos hold the energy of the memory associated with them.
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