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Controversial Treatment Creating Bitterness in MS Society Elections

The Multiple Sclerosis Society’s national board election in the UK may become a battleground as members attempt to shut out supporters of a controversial treatment.

An e-mail has been sent out seeking new members and asking them to use their votes to effectively closing out candidates who want resources increased for research into chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency, a new diagnosis that suggests MS could be caused by iron blockages in the veins.

According to the Globe and Mail:

“... [the treatment] has given sufferers a ray of hope, and had them clamoring for the procedure that some people who tried it are saying has eliminated symptoms. It is not available in Canada but is approved some countries, including Bulgaria, Kuwait and Poland. Even proponents say the procedure has not been scientifically proven, and a clinical trial at the University of British Columbia is just gearing up.”

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