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Time is All You Have

Return on Investment (ROI) might be a term you have heard. It means maximizing return on the money you invest.  But think of the implications if you consider time as your primary investment. Everything you do is an investment of time.

Here are a few principles you can use to help you invest your time wisely:

1. Look for multiple positives

A multiple positive generates a positive return in more than one area. It can even be as simple as playing basketball, a fun game that’s also great exercise.

2. Avoid multiple negatives

Multiple negatives are the opposite of multiple positives. They can be avoided by periodically analyzing your behavior. Is it time to make a change?

3. Utilize the power of compounding

If you invest time by working hard when you’re young, you put yourself in a position to succeed that will continue compounding for the rest of your life.

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