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A Stunning Victory Over the FDA

The Alliance for Natural Health USA has won a federal case which will, unless reversed on appeal, restrict the FDA’s ability to place gag orders on the emerging science behind healthy foods and dietary supplements.

The case revolved around so-called “qualified health claims.”  When the producer of a food or supplement tries to share the state of the science behind the product with the public, but the science is less than completely conclusive -- as is usually the case with food or food related items -- the claim is “qualified”.

According to the Alliance for Natural Health USA website:

“The FDA has never liked qualified health claims. It wants food and supplements to be treated like drugs and forced to submit to the full FDA approval process in order to make any health claims ... The FDA was violating freedom of speech by saying that no cancer related health claims about the mineral selenium could be made unless the science was completely conclusive or unless ridiculous and misleading disclaimers were added to the message.”