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Dangerous Toxins Found in Sunscreens

New research shows that the ingredients in many sunscreens can damage your body.

The Environmental Working Group has released its annual Sunscreen Study, which reviewed efficacy and safety of over 500 sunscreens currently on the market.  They could only recommend 39.

The chemicals that caused most of a stir are oxybenzone and retinyl palmitate, or Vitamin A.  Oxybenzone is present in around sixty percent of sunscreens on the market; it penetrates skin in fairly large amounts, and is a potential hormone disruptor.

According to My Fox Orlando:

“Another ingredient ... is Vitamin A ... listed on many sunscreen labels as retinyl palmitate ...  New data from the FDA suggests this ingredient, when you put it on the skin, accelerates the growth of skin tumors and lesions.”

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