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How to Bring Your Creative Passions to Work

Lifehack suggests some tips you can use to incorporate your creative passions into your job:

1. Don’t complain about your situation; start figuring out how to adapt it

What critical business needs might be waiting to incorporate the creative skills you’re truly passionate about using?

2. Map out how your interests could tie to your job

Step back to consider how your creative passion could connect to your current company’s business.

3. Do some thinking on your own to imagine hidden opportunities

After thinking about your outside passion, consider your company and where it might need the same talents, experiences, and results.

4. Put your interests into the language of business

You’ll hit brick walls if you talk in the language of your creative passion.

5. Find like minded people

Learn what ideas they may have and how they react to your bringing your creativity into the workplace.

6. Volunteer for smart opportunities even if they’re out of the spotlight

Start expending energy to insert yourself into opportunities you’ve identified.

7. Begin doing even more

Once you start to get a reputation for contributing successfully in innovative ways, new opportunities will surface.

8. If it’s not working, don’t stick around and be miserable

Don’t spend your life making yourself and those around you unhappy.

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