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San Francisco Becomes Ground Zero in Gadget Radiation Battle

The city of San Francisco could soon require cell phone makers to disclose their products' radiation emissions, amid a growing concern about cell phone dangers -- a concern that might soon spread to other wireless products.

Last week, the city's board of supervisors voted to require cell phone retailers to show how much radiation their phones emit. In response, the wireless industry's trade association, the CTIA, has cancelled its annual, SF-based trade show.

Greenbiz reports:

“... this notion of the hidden impacts of technology seems to be one that is steadily moving to the forefront.  Fears about cell phone radiation are enduring and widespread ... And there are signs that these kinds of concerns could expand beyond cell phones: There is currently a movement afoot that is questioning the safety of smart meters for their radiation emissions, and other gadgets in our increasingly wireless world could certainly come under scrutiny.”

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