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Some Manicures Can Cause Nerve Damage

In a gel manicure, a special solution is applied to your nails.  It is then hardened under a UV light for a longer-lasting manicure.

But there's concern that the procedure may not always be safe -- either because the technicians don't do them right, or the nail salon is passing off other procedures as gel manicures.

In some cases, the electric file can slip and scuff up your skin, which is then dipped into a pot of powdered chemicals. Especially if the chemicals are not a true gel manicure, they can get into the abrasion and migrate, causing nerve damage.

ABC News offers some tips for spotting a manicure procedure that could harm you:

  • Your salon uses bottles in unmarked containers.
  • The products smell unusually strong or have a strange odor.
  • Your skin is abraded or cut during the procedure.
  • The instruments used on you are not sterilized.
  • Your skin or nails hurt during or after the nail service.
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