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Parents Beware! Packaged Toddler- and Baby Food Deemed Some of the LEAST Healthful Options in Your Grocery Store!

Fifty three percent of food products specifically targeted to babies and toddlers in Canadian grocery stores have more than 20 percent of their calories coming from sugar.

A study examined sugar and sodium levels in 186 food products specifically marketed for babies and toddlers. The study sought to draw attention to the expanding category of "toddler" foods available in the supermarket -- which include fruit snacks, cereal bars, desserts, and cookies -- and baby food products outside of simple purees of fruits and vegetables.

Science Daily reports:

“... the study used established guidelines that suggest foods are of poor nutritional quality if more than 20 percent of their calories derive from sugar. Over half (53 percent) of the products examined met these criteria. Forty percent of products listed sugar -- or some variant like corn syrup, cane syrup, brown sugar, or dextrose -- in the first four ingredients on the label.”

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