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7 Thinking Errors You May Be Making

Although your brain is powerful, it also has certain weaknesses. Knowing about them can help you avoid mistakes.  Lifehack provides a helpful list of some common thinking errors:

Confirmation Bias

This is a tendency to seek information that proves theories you already hold.

Hindsight Bias

This bias causes you to see past results as appearing more probable than they did initially.

Clustering Illusion

Clustering illusion is the tendency to see patterns where none actually exist.

Recency Effect

The recency effect occurs when you give more weight to recent data.

Anchoring Bias

A well-known problem with negotiations; anchoring bias means that the first person to state a number can cause the other person to respond with a new number which is based on the first.

Overconfidence Effect

Most people tend to grossly overestimate their own abilities.  For example, more than 80 percent of drivers place themselves in the top 30 percent.

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