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Who are the Real Quacks?

Mainstream medicine has hit a new low in the war against physicians who have become alternative healers. They are attempting to discredit any healing method not based in their the religion of pharmaceutical belief which has been misnamed as “science”.

Their latest weapon is name calling -- most notably, labeling physicians “quacks”.  Their definition of “quack” appears to be any physician who does not profit from creating and maintaining disease, but rather respects the natural tendency of the body to heal itself and uses primarily non-toxic, non-surgical means for routine care.

Writing for the International Medical Council on Vaccination, Dr. Suzanne Humphries argues:

“This word ‘quack’ has been turned into a weapon, unleashed on those who notice the scores of patients spiraling to their death at the hands of FDA-approved, CDC-sanctioned medical interventions of big pharma and their affiliated institutions. The self proclaimed authorities of ‘science-based-medicine,’ the paid pharma bloggers, "Quack Watchers" and many others who proselytize the message of drug companies and attempt to discredit the time-tested healing methods used by alternative practitioners, are destined to fail. I take comfort in the fact that the masses are becoming increasingly disgruntled with the results of their conventional medical options.”