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Where Do You Store Produce In Your Fridge For Maximum Shelf Life?

Americans throw out 14 percent of what they buy -- and that’s before factoring in the leftover food you scrape from your plate. Mint Life suggests some tips to extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables:


Store them on the counter for seven days. Don’t keep them near other uncovered fruits or vegetables -- the ethylene gases produced by apples can ruin them.


Store them upright in the refrigerator in a plastic bag in an inch of water, or with a damp towel wrapped around the base.


Refrigerate berries, unwashed and in their original container.


Refrigerate them stem side down in a sealed plastic bag.


Keep it in the front of the refrigerator, where it’s less apt to freeze.


Store it in the pantry, or any location away from heat and light. It’ll last up to four months.


Let them ripen on the counter in a paper bag punched with holes, away from sunlight.

Summer squash

Refrigerate it in a perforated plastic bag.


Spread them out on the counter out of direct sunlight for even ripening.

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