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Artificial Sweeteners Linked with Premature Delivery

Artificial sweeteners such as aspartame have considerable potential to harm human health.  A recent study which looked at the relationship between soft drink consumption and pregnancy outcome found that pregnant women having 1 or more servings of artificially sweetened drinks a day were at a 38 percent increased risk of pre-term delivery.

Consumption of 4 or more servings a day was associated with an increased risk of 78 percent.

According to the website DrBriffa.com:

“... length of gestation may be affected by exposure to methanol. Methanol is a known nerve toxin, which can be metabolized in the body to form formic acid (another never toxin), as well as formaldehyde (which is what is used to preserve dead bodies). It’s also a constituent of aspartame (the most ubiquitous artificial sweetener).”

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