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Damage From Cell Phone and Microwave Radiation Known for Over Forty Years!

Even prior to 1971, there were more than 2000 references in scientific journals to biological responses to radio frequency and microwave radiation -- and that includes effects from the supposedly harmless non-ionizing radiation used by cell phones.

This fact directly counters the statements that “credible” research does not exist showing effects from non-ionizing radiation.  This is a false statement promoted by those who are either unaware of the literature or unwilling to admit this radiation, at levels to which you are currently exposed, can be harmful.

Dr. Magda Havas reports:

“... categories include heating (thermal effects); changes in physiologic function; alterations of the central, autonomic and peripheral nervous systems; psychological disorders; behavioral changes (animal studies); blood and vascular disorders; enzyme and other biochemical changes; metabolic, gastro-intestinal, and hormonal disorders; histological changes; genetic and chromosomal effects; the pearl-change effect (related to orientation in bacteria and animals);  and a miscellaneous group of symptoms that didn’t fit into the above categories.”

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