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Drug Company Hid Data on Dangerous Diabetes Drug

In the fall of 1999, SmithKline Beecham secretly began a study to find out if its diabetes medicine, Avandia, was safer for the heart than a competing pill.  The study’s results were disastrous. Not only was Avandia no better than Actos, but the study also provided clear signs that it was riskier to the heart.

Instead of publishing the results, the company spent the next 11 years trying to cover them up. The company did not submit the results to federal drug regulators, as is required by law.

The New York Times reports:

“The heart risks from Avandia first became public in May 2007 ... But the latest documents demonstrate that the company had data hinting at Avandia’s extensive heart problems almost as soon as the drug was introduced in 1999, and sought intensively to keep those risks from becoming public.”

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