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This One Simple Change Could Stop Your Hot Flashes!

Overweight women who experience the uncomfortable flushing and sweating symptoms known as hot flashes may be able to avoid the problem by losing weight.

In a new study, researchers re-analyzed data from a study that included about 150 overweight and obese menopausal women who were experiencing urinary incontinence as well as troublesome hot flashes.  Roughly two-thirds of the women were assigned to an intensive program designed to help them lose up to 9 percent of their body weight.

According to CNN:

“Six months later, the women who participated in the weight-loss program were more than twice as likely as the women in the control group to have experienced an improvement in their hot flash symptoms.  And it wasn't enough to just get more exercise or cut calories -- only weight loss itself was linked to fewer hot flash symptoms. For each 11 pounds that a woman lost, she was roughly one-third more likely ... to experience a decline in the severity or frequency of hot flashes.”

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